Roller Coaster Proposal

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This Is Basically The Craziest Wedding Proposal Of. Really. Time.

It’s hard to understand what Austin Crecelius was thinking as he suggested to his gf Allie on a moving roller coaster. “Don’t fall the band,” would have to end up being towards the top of the list.

“i am hoping my buddies are getting this on video,” might possibly be a detailed second.

Evidently, at some stage in their particular crazy union, Allie told Austin that life was actually like a roller coaster, featuring its pros and cons. He latched onto this concept, foregoing an elegant cafe or walk on the beach for “The Voyage” at getaway business.

Investigate video clip below. As Austin introduces into his spiel and begin to climb, Allie begins spending even more attention to their date as compared to coming fall. He is in Speech Mode, perhaps not his regular speaking sound. She can tell anything is actually up.

“existence has its good and the bad, twists and changes,” states Austin, “also it just tosses you for a cycle occasionally.”

“But it’s much more fun with a pal,” he goes on. By the time he gets to “So I wished to ask you to answer…” Allie is overcome with emotion.

As well tackle to respond a great deal toward terrifying descent that employs. But by the point they reach base, she actually is cheerful.

Plus causeing this to be hand motion — like, “Dude, precisely what the hell was that?”

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Good on Austin for combining one butterflies-in-the-stomach event with another for a proposition their girlfriend won’t forget about. And good luck on the new few. Discover wishing that, whatever the pros and cons on their future trip together, it really is filled up with thrills.

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